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Buying Sports Cards in Fort Lauderdale

Dugout 22 is a sports lover’s paradise. We buy, sell, and trade rare baseball cards and vintage sports memorabilia in Fort Lauderdale.

Discover the signed, appraised, and mint condition products available at our online store. Or give us a call at (954) 593-7685 to speak with a seasoned baseball card expert today.


The Only Place to Buy Sports Cards Online

We’re constantly adding to our wide-ranging inventory online. From autographed Topps cards to Red Heart Mickey Mantles, our store is continually seeing valuable pieces of American sports history come and go. Our inventory sells fast, so if you see something that catches your eye—batter up! It could be gone faster than a Walter Johnson pitch. Some of the cards that frequently pass through our doors are:

  • Topps cards
  • Bowman cards
  • T206 cards
  • Rookie cards
  • …and much more!

If you’re a veteran collector looking for a specific item, let us know! We love hunting down cards and would be happy to use our many industry connections to help you track down a hidden treasure.

Winning Customer Service from Your Online Sports Cards Store

Our eBay store has received 100% positive feedback since we opened it over six years ago—that’s a lot of satisfied customers. We guarantee when you shop with us, you’ll be one of them too. From our prompt responses to inquiries to our fast and secure shipping methods, you can count on outstanding customer service at every point of your experience.

Check out our amazing reviews and extensive inventory online here. You’ll be sure to find something that catches your eye!

Vintage Sports Memorabilia

Dugout 22 doesn’t just offer sports cards. We stock a wide variety of vintage sports memorabilia that are sure to be crowd-pleasers—whether it’s hockey, boxing, tennis, or football kind of crowd!

Collectible Sports Cards You Can Take to the Bank

Our sports card assessments are rigorous. Before we sell a product, we scrutinize every inch of it with eagle eyes to ensure its quality and authenticity. Often, we even have official documentation to authenticate our items—rest assured our store only carries the best.

Competitive Collectible Baseball Card Prices

One of the reasons our products are so popular is because we offer exceptionally low prices for valuable items. Our appraisal system is tried and tested. We take all things into consideration when pricing a card; its condition, rarity, and desirability all play a part. We scour the web to compare our cards with similar items and their selling price points. With every item, we make sure it’s priced to give you a deal.

Buy Baseball Cards from a Trustworthy Dealer

We’ve been in the business of baseball cards since 1985. We’ve studied all the stats. We know the ins and outs of professional appraisals as we’re true sports fans ourselves.

Passion meets expertise at Dugout 22. Call us today or visit our online store for all your sport card buying, selling, and trading needs in Fort Lauderdale.