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Trading Baseball Cards

Dugout 22 is known for buying and selling vintage baseball cards since 1985. What some of our clients may not know is that we are always interested in trading our cards as well.

We’ve developed a streamlined in-store trading system that maximizes profit and minimizes stress for both parties involved. Contact the team who does trading right. The only thing you’ll regret is that you didn’t do it sooner.


Why Trade Collectible Baseball Cards?

Trading is an ideal option for the advanced collector who has multiples and wants to extend their collection with new items. It’s also an excellent choice for someone looking to downsize their collection and trade many cards in for a single Hall-of-Famer.

It’s clear that there are many advantages to trading cards. Unfortunately, there are just as many ways to go about it. Online platforms are full of scammers and fake products. When it comes to your valuable sports memorabilia, don’t take the risk of getting shortchanged. Our professional service has gained 5-star ratings since its inception. This is our profession, and we handle every transaction accordingly. Our reputation is at stake. Contact us today for an easy and rewarding trading experience.

We Trade Sports Cards of All Types

We talk a lot about baseball. But our team is equally interested in other sports memorabilia you may have. Was your great-uncle a hockey fan? Have you stumbled upon an autographed boxing glove at a local garage sale? Bring your sports collectibles to us and find out what we’ll trade for it.

Trade Baseball Cards and Get Your Money’s Worth with Our Expert Appraisals

Trading cards is a tricky business. Both parties’ cards need to be accurately appraised to facilitate a fair exchange. Thankfully, we’re known for our proficiency at identifying a card’s value based on the combination of its production date, condition, player, and manufacturer. You won’t find a more comprehensive and precise trading appraisal anywhere else. Make sure you get the right bang for your buck with our professional trading services.

Baseball Cards for Trade with Five Star Customer Service

Our eBay store (see it here) has garnered the attention and approval of traders worldwide. We boast perfect feedback on all our trading deals. Our customers give us five-star reviews for communication, shipping time, shipping charges, and for item description, too. We guarantee quality trade with quality service. Every time.

Not satisfied? Let us know. We’ll strive to make every customer a happy customer.

Trade Your Baseball Cards Today!

There’s simply no better place to go. When it comes to trading baseball cards, we do it best. Our selection is extensive. Our knowledge is unparalleled. Our customer service is superb, and our offers are always fair. We aren’t just in it for the trade, either. We’re sports fanatics ourselves and are passionate about contributing to the collector community. We believe every trade should make the trader sentimental about their days trading baseball cards with school friends after a mini-league game. Enjoy your trading card experience. Contact our team today.